Tourwhiz For Travellers

Tourwhiz will change the way you travel forever. Our team, after traveling for years,
realized that there has always been something missing, as well as many issues that could be easily solved.
Since then, we have committed all of our time to find the missing
pieces to improve any travel experience.

TourWhiz IOS

The app that we are currently developing is unique. Our first version, coming out in August will allow you to connect, and get advise from other travellers as well as from the locals from your destination. Also you will have the chance to discover and sahre with your friends all those places that you have always want to visit

With TourWhiz you will have a one-stop-shop when it comes to solutions for any traveller like you. A social network to save every memory from your trips forever. But wait, that's not it. You will be able to get all the pieces together with Tourwhiz. You will have at your fingertips the chance to have or to plan out what the perfect trip would be. Stay tuned, because we are working diligently to keep making any trip better than the previous one. We all will enjoy with TourWhiz like never before.

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