Tourwhiz Team

The journey started when our cofounders met in Southern California, and discussed their global travel experience.
Being passionate about technology and traveling, they realized that both had faced the same issues, so without hesitation, they started to work in a solution that wouldn’t just improve their trips forever, but also offer to society a great deal of opportunities.


Javier Sacristan Franco

Co-Founder & CEO

Originally from Spain, Javier is currently studying Business Administration and Management at the Marshall School of Business, at the University of Southern California. Inspired in August 2014, Javier envisioned that with all the technology in today's world, the chances of creating something extraordinary were much closer than he could have ever expected. With passion for new technologies and innovation, he is focused on his education with the goal of helping others soon through hard work and creativity. With Tourwhiz, he believes that he can achieve his goals of obtaining the best out of the learning process, gainning experience and making a change to be proud of.


Abdullah Alkhudhairi

Co-Founder & COO

ABDULLAH S. ALKHUDHAIRI Co-Founded TOURWHIZ in 2014 and has been Actively involved in developing the business side of the company. He received his Master of Science in Engineering Management from teh Viterbi School of Engineering at USC in 2013. During his time at USC, he was awareded a Graduate Certificate in Optimization and Supply Chain Management from the Marshall School of Business. He also earned his his Bachelor of Science in Electronical Engineering back in 2008 from King Saud University. ALKHUDHAIRI has worked in multiple industries in the past Nine years such as: Oil & Gas, Telecommunication & Technology, Military Defense Research, Automotive, consumer packaged goods and Manufacturing. He started his career as a field engineer at ARAMCO, and then moved to be an integration engineer at ERICSSON. Moving forward he joined KACST as a System Engineer and a Project Manager. After That, he worked in a cosulting engagement with TOYOTA as a Supply Chain Consultant, and currently he is the Director of Operations & Supply Chain at WAIAKEA. ALKHUDHAIRI is bringing to TOURWHIZ a unique mix of technical expertise and business experience.


Víctor Vicente Sánchez


Passionate about technology and immersed in the mobile world, he bet for a revolutionary idea, which will provide, to the lovers of tourism and knowledge, the chance to discover thousands of stories before arriving to their next destination. Victor was born and raised in Villalba, a small town in the suburbs of Madrid, Spain. He studied Computer Science at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, but before even graduating he started to get involved in the world of mobile apps, working with small startups as well as big corporations. He clearly states that “ a job in a startup is not a job, as I perceive it as a pleasure possible to achieve through dedication”. He has worked on many applications for small and big companies, and as it was expected, some of them were more successful than others… Now he is actively betting for Tourwhiz, because he has no doubt that, working side by side with the team that best fits this new Startup, it will revolutionize the industry of tourism, both for tourists and for locals.